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Teaching (2010~Present)

LTEC 3010

Personal Development 


Course provides opportunities for students to develop themselves professionally. Special emphasis is placed on image development for a chosen career and strategy development to launch that career. Time management, money management, business etiquette, selecting mentors and role models are also addressed.​


LTEC 4000

Principles of Training and Development


Investigates the design, delivery and evaluation of training and development programs. The relationship of modern technology and training theories are addressed. 



LTEC 4121

Technical Presentation Skills


Emphasis on technical presentation skills and electronic presentation media commonly utilized in training and development. Topics such as developing an audience profile, arranging facilities, topic introduction techniques, questioning and summary strategies are addressed. 


LTEC 4470

Human Relations in Business, Education and Industry


A study of the components of human relations and interpersonal communication factors in business, education, trade, and industrial education and training programs. 

LTEC 4510

Communication in Business, Education and Industry


Important factors in succeeding on the job. Emphasis is placed on communication, strategies for conducting meetings and seminars, conflict management, developing and arranging agendas, itineraries, minutes and business reports, designing and using business graphics, and job-getting communication.​


LTEC 5100

Foundations of Workforce Learning  and Performance


The LTEC 5100 course investigates the design, delivery and evaluation of training and development programs. The relationship of modern technology and training theories will also be addressed. Special emphasis is placed:

• The context for training and development

• Designing training

• Training and development methods

• Social responsibility and the future

LTEC 5121

Corporate Training Presentation Skills


Such training strategies as job coaching and small group instruction are emphasized; includes motivation techniques, one-on-one interaction skills, questioning and summary techniques and the use of electronic presentation media.

Anchor 1

HMGT 3700

Hotel Operations in the Department of Hospitality Management

Detailed study of different departments within hotel properties. Emphasis on front office, food and beverage, housekeeping, engineering, security, sales and marketing and accounting.


CMHT 5400

Research Applications in Merchandising and Hospitality Operations in the Department of  Hospitality Management


Research projects with implications for marketers in textile, apparel, home furnishings or hospitality industries. Emphasis is on conceptualizing problems, analyzing and interpreting data, and writing for industry and/or scholarly dissemination.

Co-Teaching with Dr. Liu
1041 Career Plan


The goal is to help students to plan future Career, creating resume, cover letter, and preparing interview.​


Super Etoile Certification Program


The goal is to expand students’ future career options, retain talented people in Taiwan, and help students become “tai-gan” (Taiwanese managers) of domestic international companies instead of “tai-lao” of foreign companies (Taiwanese laborers working abroad).​


Dr. Tsong-Zen Liu Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Food and Beverage Management, National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism in Taiwan

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